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Vehicle services are not representing any sort of fun for the owners, instead they’re a source of big disturbance and could be too annoying, time consuming, and extremely expensive. Therefore, in TLC Auto Glass, replacement of Nissan glass is handled by a team of expert technicians who have been handling such types of windshield issues since long years with all Nissan models. 

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Expert Nissan windshield replacement by TLC Auto Glass. Your car, our care.
Expert Nissan windshield replacement by TLC Auto Glass. Your car, our care.

Our certified technicians will offer you a free inspection, explain the possible solutions, and help you to decide the most convenient for your time, and budget to meet your standards. Have confidence that your vehicle will be very well taken care of by our staff with the best materials quality and most updated replacement tools and procedures. A post validation replacement will be additionally conducted in order to secure your safety when getting back on the road. 

Windscreen Repair and Replacements for Nissan 

In TLC Auto Glass, we have expert technicians who have acquired long years of experience in Nissan windscreen repair and replacement. They handle all types of Nissan models, and can skillfully and promptly get you back on the road safely. Deciding about the repair or replacement action is an aspect that relies on several   key factors as represented below;

Safety: Although driving with a damaged windshield for short distances is not dangerous, it is not recommended to ignore repairing or replacing your broken windshield. This is because a damaged windshield doesn’t provide the required protection standards to the driver or the passengers.  

Visibility: If the windshield crack is located at the driver’s pathway vision, it will represent a major safety risk issue as it interferes with vision. In some states, it is illegal to drive with a broken windshield. 

Dimensions: In spite of the continuous advancement in windshield repair technologies, there are still some limitations about the type, size & depth of damage to be repaired. According to the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass standards, chips up to 1 inch and cracks up to 14 inches are eligible for repair. 

Depth: As long as windshield damage penetrates the plastic layer of a double layered glass windshield, then Nissan Windshield Replacement is the only solution for such a case. Also, if the interior of the windshield is cracked or chipped, it has to be replaced even if the external layer is still intact. 

Position: If the crack is positioned in the windshield frame, it will most probably have to be replaced because it may spread quickly destroying the whole glass. Especially such positions of chips or cracks interfere with the structural integrity of the whole windshield. Moreover, if the damage is involving some technological issues such as sensors or automatic braking or (ADAS), replacement will be the most reliable solution.

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Newly installed windshield on a Nissan Rogue.
Perfect fit and finish with TLC Auto Glass Nissan windshield replacement.

It is worth mentioning each of the repair and the replacement actions has its own advantages. On one hand, repair inhibits spreading the crack a good time before spreading and retains its durability. Especially that it can be achieved within as short a time as 30 min. with a low cost that is preferred by the insurance companies. On the other hand, although more expensive, Nissan Windshield Replacement is considered as a permanent solution for glass damage. It is a full renovation that ensures restoration of windshield durability and integrity for the clearest visibility on the road.

Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement 

If your Nissan has windshield damage due to a rock chip, dusty weather, or any other reason, TLC is your trusted auto glass shop for replacing your windscreen. Our services include ADAS recalibration after windshield replacement for all Nissan models. Our certified technicians are skilled at applying the most advanced technology in windshield replacement and post ADAS recalibration to meet producers’ specifications.

Regarding the duration required for Nissan Windshield Replacement, it usually takes a half to one hour according to the required post recalibration process, and the car model. For example, all models produced after 1985, Nissan Datsun 280Z, or Datsun 210, and many others. We do free inspection, decide about the action to be taken, and provide you with an immediate quotation before starting the replacement process. 

As for the cost, it may vary based on some factors such as; 

  • Type of needed glass
  • Rain sensors
  • Heating elements
  • Required recalibration

Trust us for all your windshield replacements. We are expecting your call 24/7 and ready to either receive you on site or even come to you wherever you’re located. Call us now at; (713)6861111

Are replacement windshields the same as the original?

Some of the aftermarket Nissan glass is comparable to the OEM glass quality. However, there could be few differences such as; being a bit thinner or having slightly different curvature which might influence its durability. 

Does warranty cover Nissan Windshield Replacement ?

The manufacturers for Nissan offer a three years warranty for all types of defects and spare parts. It covers all the car requirements except the normal wear items and windshield cracks not caused by manufacturing defects. As such, replacing a Nissan windshield usually costs between $220 to $500.

Finally, if you are not sure about the status of your windscreen after being unexpectedly hit by a tiny stone on the road, and had some obvious chips and cracks, just call us. We offer free inspection and immediate quote of all expenses with full transparency. You will get the best solution for all your inquiries at TLC Auto Glass. Our company provides unique vehicle service for all your windscreen inquiries.

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Finally, it’s worth mentioning that TLC Auto Glass has dealt with Nissan Windshield Replacement, addressing their windshield concerns. From minor repairs to full replacements, whether it’s your front windshield, rear windshield, or side windows, we are equipped to handle your needs by providing top-quality service in the shortest possible time. So, don’t hesitate to contact our mobile auto glass service to schedule efficient and reliable service

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