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Auto Glass services

We provide windshield replacement, and auto glass repair, for every car or truck in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas of Houston. No extra cost to come to YOU! Our team provides mobile windshield replacement services for all your car window repair or car windshield replacement needs. No job is too big or small…. Call us: (713) 686-1111

If you need auto glass repair or car door glass replacement for your vehicle, we have you covered. We provide quality auto glass services for trucks and cars alike. We happily manage and warrant auto glass jobs of all sizes.

We have a full-service glass, windows, sunroof, window motor regulator repair and replacement shop in Katy, Texas. Carefully located off Interstate 10 and FRY ROAD @ Morton, we accommodate the auto glass needs of vehicle owners all throughout the Katy and Houston area.

If you need quality warranted auto glass repair or replacement service in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, or Rosenberg for example, we’re at your service. We provide convenient mobile auto glass services to consumers in all those cities.

If you find yourself with a cracked or damaged windshield or any other auto glass issue, seeking the services of an auto glass repair specialist is essential. Here’s why:

  1. Safety Concerns: A damaged windshield compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle, putting you at risk in the event of an accident. A repair specialist ensures that the glass is restored to its original strength, maintaining the safety features of your vehicle.

  2. Legal Compliance: In many places, driving with a cracked windshield is against the law. Repairing the damage promptly ensures you stay compliant with local regulations, avoiding potential legal issues.

  3. Preventing Further Damage: Small chips or cracks can quickly worsen due to factors like temperature changes, road vibrations, or additional impacts. A prompt repair can prevent the need for a more costly windshield replacement later on.

  4. Visibility: Cracks or chips in your windshield can obstruct your view of the road, increasing the risk of accidents. A professional repair ensures that your visibility is restored to optimal levels.

Now, consider asking these questions:

When looking for auto glass repair services,

  • Experience: How long has the repair specialist been in business? More experience often correlates with better service.

  • Certifications: Are the technicians certified? A certification indicates that they have the necessary skills and knowledge for quality repairs.

  • Warranty: What kind of warranty do they offer on their repairs? A reputable service provider should stand behind their work.

  • Materials: What type of glass and adhesives do they use? Quality materials are crucial for a durable and safe repair.

  • Turnaround Time: How quickly can they complete the repair? Prompt service is vital, especially for minor damages that can worsen over time.

Considering your needs for auto glass repair, TLC Auto Glass services. we have a reputation for providing quality service and have been serving the community for several years. You can contact them at (713) 686-1111. Remember to inquire about their experience, certifications, warranty, materials, and turnaround time when you reach out to them.


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Our experienced installers can come out to you and your vehicle if you’re in Katy, TX; Sugar Land, TX; Spring, TX; Pearland, TX; Missouri City, TX; Jersey Village, TX; or anywhere else in the Houston, TX area. If you find a cracked, chipped, or shattered windshield or car window, just call us and schedule an appointment. We will come to you to repair or replace your car’s glass. We offer same-day appointments, so you can get back on the road sooner rather than later.

Count on quick, reliable, and quality service from TLC Auto Glass. You can trust us for auto glass replacement and mobile windshield replacement. Contact our auto glass specialists today to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment!

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