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Rear Windshield Replacement Or Repair

If your rear windshield sustains damage, addressing the issue promptly is crucial to prevent additional harm from weather conditions or potential theft. When you reach out to us for a complimentary quote on rear windshield repair or replacement, you might observe a variation in pricing compared to front windshield services. This discrepancy is attributed to the fact that rear windshields are typically crafted from tempered glass, a process involving high-temperature heat application to enhance its strength.

Rear Windshield Replacement
Whether your car’s rear window suffered from an auto accident or due to airborne debris, our friendly auto glass staff at TLC Auto Glass located in katy, tx is here to provide you with outstanding service and professionalism.
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The TLC Auto Glass Rear Glass Replacement Process

Our team members approach rear window replacement in the same manner as a windshield or window replacement. In-shop or on-location, your local TLC Auto Glass will:

  • Carefully remove the damaged rear glass, remove any debris, and clean the opening.
  • Acquire a new back window that matches the OEE (original equipment equivalent) quality standards.
  • Apply Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC)-approved adhesive to the rear window opening.

Place the new glass in the opening, following AGSC procedures. We’ll ask that you observe the recommended drive-away time, allowing the adhesive to cure for safe driving.

Rear Windshield Replacement & Repair

When determining whether your rear windshield requires replacement or repair, we consider several factors. If the damage to your rear windshield is minor, there’s a possibility that we can efficiently repair it at a cost-effective rate.

Unlike front windshields, which are constructed with laminated glass, rear windshields typically use tempered glass. The advantage of tempered glass lies in its tendency to break into smaller, less hazardous pieces when shattered, providing a degree of safety compared to larger, sharper shards.

The durability of tempered glass on rear windshields often enables it to withstand incidents like small rocks kicked up by other vehicles. In such cases, you may observe your vehicle window exhibiting only minor chips, scratches, or cracks, rather than complete shattering.

Don’t Wait To Replace Your Rear Windshield

If you detect a minor crack, chip, or imperfection on your car’s rear windshield, reach out to TLC Auto Glass Katy for prompt and cost-effective windshield repair or replacement. Our auto glass services are transparent, ensuring no unexpected surprises or concealed expenses. Our skilled rear windshield replacement specialists deliver affordable and swift service six days a week. From the initial contact to the completion of the service, we provide top-notch services for Katy and the neighboring areas.

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