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Auto Sunroof Repair, Replacement & Installation in Katy, TX

Auto Sunroof Repair: Trust TLC Auto Glass for Swift and Quality Solutions

Is your sunroof or moonroof displaying cracks or damage? Worried about potential issues while driving? Ease your concerns with TLC Auto Glass, specialists in Auto Sunroof Repair serving Katy, TX. Our local expertise encompasses sunroof installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring impeccable workmanship with the skills, tools, and dedication of our team. Rest assured, our services align with both your requirements and budget. Secure your appointment today and experience swift sunroof repairs without compromising quality. Rejuvenate your sunroof for a safer drive with TLC Auto Glass.

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Auto Sunroof Repair

Auto Sunroof Repair: Don't Delay, Prevent Interior Damage!

Don’t get caught in drenching rain with a leaking or damaged sunroof or moonroof. We are car sunroof  experts in Katy, Tx. Our prices are lower than our competitors’ and we guarantee it! , to replace your sunroof or to get a sunroof repair contact us today.

We offer the best auto sunroof repair service in Katy, TX

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The repair and replacement of panoramic sunroofs have become increasingly common in modern vehicle designs. These panoramic roofs, fused to the car structure, are typically made of laminated glass, ensuring they don’t shatter into tiny pieces when damaged. However, it is crucial to conduct any glass repair or replacement with the utmost precision to maintain both the aesthetic performance of the roof and the structural integrity of the vehicle.

At TLC Auto Glass, our highly trained technicians specialize in the repair and replacement of panoramic sunroofs. We guarantee our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle, emphasizing our commitment to quality. Our 24-hour helpline at

These stringent standards also extend to the replacement of movable glass panels in the roof, which are typically toughened glass, similar to most side glass in a vehicle. While these sunroofs may shatter upon impact with a sharp object, TLC Auto Glass offers swift and cost-effective sunroof glass replacement services to restore your sunroof to optimal functionality.

Auto Sunroof Repair Service

  • We provide transparent upfront price quotes with no surprises—what we quote is what you pay.
  • Our Car Sunroof technicians undergo thorough training to ensure expertise in their work.


  • For all repairs, we exclusively use certified OEM and aftermarket parts.


  • We assist in navigating insurance claims to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for you.


  • If needed, we offer assistance with tow truck services.


  • In the event of repairs requiring an extended period, we can help arrange a rental vehicle for you.


  • Enjoy a complimentary ride back to your office or workplace.


  • Our facility offers a clean, air-conditioned waiting area equipped with free WiFi and Cable TV.


  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all auto body and sunroof repairs.


  • With a stock of sunroofs for most cars, there’s no waiting for orders—we have them readily available.



At TLC Auto Glass , we specialize in the comprehensive repair of sunroofs and moonroofs for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, and trucks. With an extensive inventory, we likely have the sunroof or moonroof tailored to your vehicle in stock at this moment. Reach out to us at 713-686-1111 for a complimentary price quote.

  • Sunroof gasket repairs
  • Auto sunroof repairs
  • Sunroof leak repairs
  • Power sunroof installations
  • Auto moonroof repairs
  • Power moonroof installations
  • Auto moonroof leak repairs

Contact us for a free estimate on sunroof and moonroof repair costs. Call us today at 713-686-1111.

We stand behind our work with an unconditional guarantee on all auto body repairs. Whether your car sunroof or moonroof is damaged, broken, cracked, or non-functional, we offer efficient repairs at a fraction of the cost charged by others. Leveraging our bulk purchasing of sunroofs and moonroofs at below wholesale prices allows us to pass on significant savings to you. This is the reason we can provide our services at a more affordable rate compared to our competitors.

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