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Windshield calibration near You In Katy
Windshield calibration near You In Katy

Windshield calibration is also meant by windshield camera calibration. It is a sensitive technique that adjusts the position of a vehicle’s windshield camera sensors. Such recalibration process is mandatory for the proper functionality of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), with its lane departure warnings, collision avoidance systems, and adaptive cruise control. 

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Windshield Calibration Near Me

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The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Windshield calibration near You In Katy
Windshield calibration near You In Katy

These systems include cameras, lasers, and radar.Their importance is to alert the operator of the vehicle while on the road. The camera is mounted to the windshield. If due to any reason the windshield is replaced, the camera must be calibrated to ensure proper functionality 

There are several features of ADAS applications such as;

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Collision Warning
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Park Assist
  • Automatic Cruise Control
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Headlights Control

Those systems are quite important for driving your car safely. For example, the lane-drift technology can prompt the car to display a graphic on the dashboard and/or play a sound in the speakers. This alerts the driver in case they have deviated off course. Also, if your car senses a close object into its path, an automatic emergency braking could save your and your passengers’ life.

ADAS and Windshield Calibration

Windshield calibration near You In Katy
Windshield calibration near You In Katy

Windshield calibration and alignment with the car’s sensors and cameras is essential for the proper functionality of the ADAS systems.

When you buy a new car, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is calibrated ahead in relation to the car’s sensors and the centrally mounted camera at the top of the windshield. As such, the car is ready to rock down the highway while ADAS operation is well preserved. 

The above status of a new car describes exactly what is called “Smart Windshield”, which will become the norm in all vehicles by 2020.

The “Smart Windshield” is a term used to describe precisely the relation between ADAS and windshield. It means the precise calibrated allocation of the car sensors and cameras mounted on the car. Also, certain areas of the glass are tinted or untinted in order to allow this technology to “see” the road and expected barriers in the vehicle’s path if any.

Imagine the following to scenarios that could occur upon disrupted windshield calibration with ADAS;  

  • If your car ADAS are not perfectly calibrated, there will be an opportunity that your systems send you the alert at a delayed time, or fail totally to send the alert. This will expose you to possible car crashes. 
  • If you are trying to generate emergency braking while an object is approaching your car suddenly while driving, an improperly calibrated windshield with ADAS could bring the car to an abrupt stop at the wrong moment.

The above described harsh risky events could happen even if there is a tiny improper alignment of the windshield relative to the ADAS. Accordingly, the safety of both of you and your cargo might be risked. Therefore, you are in a true need for highly expert technicians who have all the tools to conduct perfect calibration testing of your windshield in order to ensure your wellbeing while driving your vehicle.  

The Necessity of Windshield Re-calibration

The technology built into a lot of modern cars’ glass windshields has surprised many people as ADAS is considered at the forefront of modern car technology.

In order to sustain proper communication with the ADAS, your windshield will occasionally need to be recalibrated. 

Though, sometimes, recalibrating your ADAS becomes a must especially under the certain circumstances including;

  • After windshield replacement 
  • Following wheel realignment  
  • Vehicle suspension changes 
  • Camera replacement or removal 

Windshield Camera Calibration and ADAS Systems

The forward-facing camera in your vehicle is part of the ADAS. These systems are intended to maintain your security and your car safety on the road. In order to avoid compromising your safety if this system or part of it is damaged, windshield camera calibration might be required. Though, there are two different types of windshield camera recalibration according to the set-up of the vehicle. These are;

A.Dynamic Recalibration

It involves driving the vehicle at a set speed on well-marked roads to recalibrate the camera system.  It Takes around an hour or more, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If your car’s windshield replacement needs a dynamic recalibration, you may give us a call at  (713) 686-1111

B. Static Recalibration

It requires a specific target image fixed on an icon in front of the vehicle during the recalibration process.  It requires the same duration as the dynamic re-calibration and under the same conditions. Just contact us and we will respond to you promptly.

How long does ADAS Calibration Take?

Normally, it takes one to two hours depending on the vehicle model. The calibration process takes place in a specialized platform setting at which the car remains immobile. This requires special devices and ADAS calibration equipment. Additionally, proper tire inflation and a full tank of gas are important to ensure accurate positioning of the vehicle.

How often should ADAS be Calibrated?

ADAS calibration is advised when the vehicle’s sensors are ruined or if the windshield is replaced. In such cases, the proper functionality of the ADAS system should be tested by ensuring the proper alignment of the camera’s sensors with the vehicle. 

How Do You Get Your Windshield Calibrated?

According to the type of the vehicle. But usually, the calibration process should be done at a certified auto glass shop. This is because proper ADAS calibrations require level ground and precise weight distribution for meticulous measurements. This could be available only at a professional auto glass shop. 

When is Windshield Camera Calibration Necessary?

affordable windshield replacement in Katy
Affordable Windshield Calibration in Katy

Windshield camera calibration is necessary when the ADAS camera is moved from its original position due to windshield replacement, collisions and accidents, wheel alignments, suspension changes, or camera replacement/removal.

In conclusion, depending on the vehicle make and model, the windshield calibration with ADAS needs to take place at a certified auto glass shop that has all the tools and expertise staff. This process is quite sensitive because some vehicles need a full gas tank before being calibrated correctly, so a controlled environment by a professional auto glass shop is mandatory. 

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