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Nowadays, the Tesla vehicle model is considered one of the most innovative top-selling cars. We offer you free inspection for tesla windshield replacement , Windshield chips and cracks will always remain susceptible to damages on the road. It is always an unexpected event that causes lots of disturbance to the driver and accompanying passengers, and might even expose them to danger. In TLC auto glass, we have deeply experienced technicians who can promptly take actions in such cases. , get a quote, and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle glass back to its original status.  

Close-up of a new windshield being installed on a Tesla Model 3
Close-up view of a Tesla windshield replacement for a Tesla Model 3.

In TLC auto glass, our certified technicians are highly trained on the most recent technology of all Tesla models windshield repair and replacement. They have extensive experience in inspecting the type of damage, evaluating it, and then deciding about the best action to be taken in order to get your windshield to a status that is incomparable to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Additionally, a post repair/replacement service is also available at our shops to recalibrate the camera and sensors that control all your advanced driver safety features (ADSF) in order to ensure your absolute safety when back on the road.

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When to Get Tesla Auto Glass Service 

If you face an unexpected rock chip or a crack that destroys your Tesla windshield, have the confidence that TLC auto glass can assist you around the clock wherever you are. Our technicians are specialized in Tesla glass repair and have successfully helped tens of thousands of customers with a lifetime guaranteed service. 

Once you schedule an appointment with us, you will be offered a free inspection for tesla windshield replacement , and if the status of your windshield is among the below described cases, you will only need to repair your tesla glass without being forced to carry over the replacement expenses of the whole glass.

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Type of DamageDescription
BullseyeA separated cone in the glass outer layer making a dark circle 
ChipNon-Technical damage on a windshield
Combination BreakMultiple features varying among a chip, a crack, a Bullseye
 CrackA line of separation that arises from an impact point (rock hit)It could be short (<150 mm), long (>150 mm), extends to the edge or not, or extends from an edge but with no impact point.
Half MoonPartial bullseye
LegsSubsurface cracks arising from a break
PitImpact point with lost pieces of glass
Star BreakDamage exhibiting series of legs arising from a break
Stone BreakNon-technical terminology for damage on a windshield
Surface PitA nick in glass connected with normal wear and tear but doesn’t reach the outer glass layer.

free inspection, we will immediately get you a quote for tesla windshield replacement , Call Us Now at (713)6861111 

Experts in Tesla Model 3 Glass Replacement 

Tesla Model X in an auto repair shop, getting its windshield replaced after a crack.
Tesla Model X undergoing a windshield replacement in an auto repair shop.

The electric vehicle EV industry is promptly being pushed forward with innovative technology and ability of outstanding and meanwhile quiet performance by Tesla model 3. However, this doesn’t deny the fact that there is a possibility a tiny rock hits your Tesla 3 windshield causing a crack that might cause a serious damage and requires a glass replacement. 

Tesla 3 has been designed with varieties of security tools that secures drivers’ safety. Though one of such ADAS tools is highly dependent on appropriate auto glass installation that allows it to function optimally. Therefore, TLC auto glass offers its expert team of technicians who are certified to take care of such types of meticulous jobs to coordinate these systems following tesla windshield replacement.

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It is also worth confirming that our tesla windshield replacement is undertaken by only using the OEM glass from leading manufacturers. The installation process is conducted using the best sealing materials and tools. In case that only repair is required, we only use the best quality of resin to stiffen your Tesla 3 glass, and the repair will be nationwide and lifetime guaranteed. 

FAQS for Tesla Windshield Replacement :

Does Tesla have a special windshield?

Using the OEM glass is quite necessary when you decide to replace a Tesla windshield. This is because, it is produced and designed for your specific Tesla model by the original manufacturer

What is special about Tesla glass?

Tesla glass has several distinctions like keeping the cabin quiet, shielding from UV rays, and resisting 4x Tesla car weight. 

Why are Tesla windshields orange?

Because when sun rays pass through the glass molecules, their directions are changed making the UV reflective layer look orange. This technology represents a true value that allows the wireless data signals to travel smoothly.

In conclusion, in case you had an unexpected rock chip, crack, or struggled with tough climate conditions that exposed your Tesla 3 windshield to sudden damage, never delay till you are in danger. Contact us at TLC auto glass for Tesla windshield replacement and we will serve you wherever you are. Our expert team is available 24/7 and is reachable both on site or via mobile auto glass service. All you need is to schedule an appointment for free inspection, we will immediately get you a quote, and make sure to get you safely back on the road within a couple of hours. 

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