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TLC Auto Glass offers the most secure auto glass repair and replacement services across the nation. We are devoted to offering a prompt service with the lowest price and without compromising the quality. Our commitment to our clients is to satisfy their needs by delivering the best service for all automotive glass needs, either in-store or any where. With a well-established and growing network, we are engaged to supporting you with our deep experience to fulfill all your auto glass needs.

Auto Glass Shop in Texas City
Auto Glass Shop in Texas City

Same-Day Repair at Your Local Texas City Auto Glass Shop – TLC Auto Glass Shop Near You In Texas , We Offers Fast and Affordable Auto Glass Services. Get Your Quote Now! (713) 686-1111

The Best Choice For Auto Glass Repair 

A broken windshield is quite unsafe while driving your car. Cracks larger than 10 inches can reduce vision which could risk road safety to a large extent. With hundreds of locations across Texas, our team is dedicated to giving the fastest auto glass service at a guaranteed value. We are here to help car owners with windshield repair or replacement services promptly, at the lowest prices.

Auto Glass Services For Your Every Need at TLC Auto Glass Shop in Texas City

Our technicians have well trusted expertise in auto glass repair, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) camera calibration. Our service is available 24/7 to help with your auto glass services for your vehicle or RV wherever you are, and at a guaranteed price.

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Fast Windshield Chip & Crack Repair

Chips and small cracks from road debris don’t necessarily mean the complete destruction of your windshield, as long as you get them looked soon. This is because chips and cracks that are smaller than a quarter can be sealed and repaired without compromising your auto glass. There are some cases at which your windshield can be easily repaired. These are;

  • The damage to the windshield is smaller than a quarter
  • The crack hasn’t started to spread over and grow in size
  • The chip isn’t on the edge of the windshield, affecting its integrity.
  • The crack hasn’t the whole area of the windshield
Auto Glass Shop in Texas City
Auto Glass Shop in Texas City

Repairing windshield is a simple and fast process that can be achieved in less than 30 min. The repair process preserves the integrity of your windshield. Most importantly, repairing windshield at a proper time saves your money as it is much less expensive than replacing it totally. We also have a mobile service, to facilitate reaching us at; (713) 686-1111

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Same-Day Car Windshield Replacement

If the windshield has cracks larger than 10 inches, it will reduce vision, and insecure road safety. In such a case, windshield replacement becomes a must.

Our auto glass experts are available to fulfill your needs and take care of you.

TLC auto glass team is always updated with cutting-edge training and uses the most advanced technology for windshield replacement. We are keen to go beyond industry safety standards and use the highest quality OEE manufactured automotive glass.

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Rear Windshield Replacement Services at TLC Auto Glass Shop in Texas City

Car side windows and rear windshield could be broken, due to different reasons as; road debris, or accidents. Thus, some people might choose to drive with a plastic bag over their broken window, which is extremely dangerous for themselves and their accompanying people.

If you are facing such a situation, let our expert team of technicians at TLC Auto Glass shop help you and ask them to either repair or replace your car side windows or rear windshield! If you can’t make it to us, we are so open to come to you once you reach us through our Mobile Service options.

Our duty is to keep your safety while driving on the road. In most cases we can get your rear windshield or car window replaced on the same day. Don’t look further for an auto glass shop in texas city and call us today at (713) 686-1111

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Mobile Auto Glass Repair

 At TLC Auto Glass Shop in Texas City, we value your busy schedule that might hinder you to find time for addressing your damaged auto glass, especially if you need to drive your vehicle during the day. Therefore, we offer our customers mobile windshield repair and replacement services and are able to repair or replace damaged auto glass quickly any where.

Our company is proud to have a prompt and simple, same day service. Booking our mobile service is such a simple process. You just need to contact TLC Auto Glass shop near you, and ask for an appointment. Select your preferred date and time and we’ll send our auto glass experts to you. We can accommodate the same day service in most cases, without compromising the quality and with the same price.

Is there a special service request for renewing windshield wipers?

Worn out wiper blades can scratch the glass, which wouldn’t be ideal after auto glass replacement. Additionally, it could endanger your life especially while driving at night. Our auto glass experts can examine your windshield wipers, while repairing the windshield. They will recommend the right windshield wiper replacement for your vehicle’s year.

Does ADAS require calibration after windshield replacement?

Some windshield replacements have to be followed by ADAS system calibration. Dynamic calibrations can be made at your location, while static calibrations should be completed at a TLC location. Contact your our service section now for a free consultation at (713) 686-1111

affordable windshield replacement in Katy
affordable windshield replacement in Katy

In summary, TLC Auto Glass Shop in Texas City is an experienced auto glass company, which you can trust to provide full-service for all car glass repair and/or replacement. It also offers windshield wiper inspection and replacement services. We are available 24/7 care of your car’s glass, whenever you need and wherever you are. Our auto glass services are addressed promptly and simply by our expert team of technicians. 

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