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Professional technician in Texas doing a side mirror replacement

Side view mirrors play an important role in safe driving and clear vision of the surrounding traffic or barriers. However, they are exposed to different types of breaks due to different reasons, such as accidents, or destruction due to regular wear and tear. Also, the glass of side mirrors can delaminate or crack, and its mechanical function might also break. If the mirror is a heated mirror or it has electric adjustment, both might stop functioning.

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Side Mirror Replacement Glass for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs 

Car’s side mirrors are quite important for safe driving. The lack of side mirrors hinders switching lanes and appropriate parallel parking. They provide awareness about the vehicles surrounding the driver or if there are any barriers on the road. Side mirror glass is made of a single-ply reflective tempered glass. This glass is heated and cooled in a way to help prevent it from shattering like broken traditional glass.

It is mandatory when you order replacement mirrors that they are the right size and shape for the year, make and model of your vehicle. TLC Auto Glass offers you the best prices for side mirrors replacement. They are available in different styles and various features however the majority are either flat or convex.


    • Flat mirror: This type of side mirrors can be found on the driver’s side and is more realistic than the passenger side mirror. It is positioned at the driver’s proximity in a way that the image is not distorted.

    • Convex mirror: It is located on the passenger’s side and curves inward causing image distortion. Therefore, these mirrors have a warning, that the seen objects are closer. These types of convex mirrors are constructed in this way to help the driver view the objects from the driver’s seat.

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Side Mirrors & Replacement Parts


TLC auto glass has the service of side mirror replacement, can provide mirror lenses, or full mirror body according to the damage. Side mirrors are nowadays full of options like; heated, turn signals, puddle lights and blind spot sensors. We also offer painting for the mirror body.

Elite Car Side Mirror Replacement With Tlc Auto Glass

Side mirrors are always needed for safe driving. In order to be replaced, you first need to specify, which part is broken? Side mirror is made of several parts, these are; the base (mirror assembly), mirror glass, cover and turn signals (if equipped). In some car models, this part might be provided as one complete piece, and sometimes, the cover is ready painted, but in others it is black and needs to be painted.

If a side mirror is provided as a complete wing; a complete wing mirror includes the mirror glass, cover, and internal housing. It’s worth knowing that the housing always has the needed wiring, plugs and connections for the heating elements and the needed electronics.

How to Replace a Broken Side View Mirror

TLC has large varieties of car side mirrors in order to give you the chance to find the best selection and most convenient type for your car. When you select a car side mirror to replace a broken or a missing one, features such as (adjustability, heating elements) as well as if it is a painted or textured finish in order to make sure it matches your vehicle’s specs. 

Over elegance, a broken side view mirror may cause serious safety risks and result in legal consequences. A non-functioning side mirror may result in false decisions on the road, and traffic offenses. Thus, side mirror replacement doesn’t only maintain appearance, but also ensures safety and compliance to traffic laws.

Materials Needed for Side Mirror Replacement 

The following tools and materials are needed for the replacement process


    • Screwdriver set

    • Trim removal tools

    • Socket Wrench set

    • Torx wrenches

    • Panel clip removal tool

    • Replacement side view mirror

    • Adhesive or mounting clips (if applicable)

    • Safety gloves and glasses

How to Remove of the Old Mirror

There are specific procedures that need to be followed in order to remove the old mirror for each car model and manufacturer. However, the following general steps have to be applied with all models; 


    1. Disconnect the power source: This is important to do at first in order to prevent a short circuit or blown fuse if the mirror is power heated.  

    1. Remove the mirror cover: using the trim removal tool, pull off the mirror cover meticulously.   

    1. Access the Mounting Nuts/Bolts:  find out and remove the mounting nuts or bolts that fix the mirror in the car door. 

    1. Disconnect wiring (if applicable): Conscientiously disconnect the wiring if you have an electric mirror 

    1. Remove the old mirror: Carefully pull the old mirror away from the vehicle.

If the holding material is being obstinate, application of oil in order to penetrate rusty nuts and bolts will facilitate the removal process. If the mirror is fixed with an adhesive, then a heat gun or hair dryer can be used to soften the adhesive material.

Choosing the Right Replacement Mirror

Since mirrors are very specific, seldom able to be used on different car models or brands over years, then selection of the right mirror is quite important. 


    • Check vehicle specifications: This can be checked from the vehicle’s manual.

    • Match mirror design: make sure that the replacement mirror matches the original.

    • Verify compatibility: Verify that the replacement mirror is compatible with the vehicle model.

    • Power Adjustability: Choose a mirror with adjustable power as the original

    • Heating Elements: If your vehicle is equipped with heated mirrors, choose a heated replacement mirror to match.

Installation of the New Side View Mirror

Replacing the driver’s side mirror is quite mandatory and is done as follows; 


    • Position the new mirror: Put the new mirror on the mounting material on the door.  

    • Connect wiring: That is for heated mirrors or adjustable with power. 

    • Secure the mirror: Tighten the mounting bolts to secure the new mirrors in place.   

    • Replace the mirror cover: Insert the cover of the mirror in its place.  

    • Reconnect power source:  In case reconnected earlier

Make sure that the mirror is well aligned properly with the driver’s seat so that vision is possible easily. Examine the power adjustability to make sure that the mirror can be adjusted easily from the driver’s seat.

Can one take care of his car side mirror replacement, or should it be done by professionals?

Yes. Vehicle drivers can replace side mirrors without professional help.

How to determine the right-side view for a specific car model?

This can be easily done by checking the vehicle’s manual, ensuring compatibility, and comparing features such as power conformation and heating device.

Are there any safety precautions one should consider during side mirror replacement?

Yes, there are. The most important is to wear safety gloves and goggle glasses while doing the replacement in order to be protected from any possible injuries. 

Safe driving requires that a driver is able to have an appropriate vision of what’s around the car in all directions using all mirrors; the rear and side ones. However, if one of the mirrors is missing, or is broken, then you need to before anything to check the legal aspect governing such a case within the state you are living in. In most of the states, drivers need at least two mirrors in order to drive legally keeping in consideration that none of them is broken. Therefore, side mirrors are quite important while driving in order to avoid facing any legal issues, and to drive safely. TLC is your trusted company to assist you in your car side mirror replacement, and replace them if they have any issues. Call us now and we will help at all what is needed for your side mirrors replacement (713) 686-1111

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