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Technician inspecting a new windshield installation on an Audi Q5.
Professional Audi windshield replacement by TLC Auto Glass. Ensuring quality and precision.

Audi cars are one of the top sophisticated and innovative cars produced for those who have high consideration for high performance vehicles. If you wish to ensure that you will receive the best Audi windshield replacement service whenever needed, contact TLC Auto Glass. We are specialized in Audi windshields replacements and repairs for all models. Our mobile Audi windshield services will save your time, and effort to fix any defects you may have been facing while driving in severe climate conditions.

Dealing with TLC Auto Glass gives you the opportunity to achieve a thorough service including not only windshield replacement, but also a post ADAS recalibration service that is considered an integral part of the replacement process. We won’t let you get back to the road except after ensuring the absolute safety of your Audi vehicle.

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Windshield Repair and Replacement for Audi 

According to the level and position of damage your Audi windscreen has, a decision about the most appropriate action will be taken. We offer free inspection and suggest the most suitable solution for your windscreen status. It’s worth knowing that whether your windshield needs repair or replacement, our service is absolutely guaranteed. In case of replacement, our guarantee is nationwide and lifetime. We use the best materials quality, and apply the most recent replacement technologies.

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In TLC Auto Glass, we offer series of Audi windshield services that exceeds the level of repair or replacement services as follows; 

  • Windshield Repair: This is applied for minor damages as tiny chips of small cracks using a developed type of resin that can restore windshield integrity. 
  • Windshield Replacement: That is applied for tough breaks that interfere with the vision line or reach to the windshield borders. Our replacement process is done using the best quality of glass material and most advanced tools.
  • ADAS Recalibration: This is a post replacement service at which our technicians are highly skilled and keen to conduct to preserve your safety
  • Power Window Repair: We also inspect your power window if not appropriately working, and can fix it to ensure its rolling capacity
  • Window Tinting: We additionally offer UV protection films that reflects heat

Audi Windshield Replacement Cost 

The cost of Audi windshield replacement varies relying on several items like; type of glass material, rain sensors, heating elements & the need to post replacement recalibration. In TLC Auto Glass, we evaluate the degree and location of damage, and provide a transparent price that can be covered within your budget.

Generally, the following factors do affect Audi windshield replacement cost;

  1. Luxury Vehicle: Since Audi windshield has certain dimensions, it usually costs more than other vehicle’s brands
  2. Sensors: This has to be inclusive in the replacement price 
  3. Tinted Glass: If it’s a UV tinted glass, this will increase the cost
  4. Collectible Cars: These usually cost more depending on how challenging it is to find an appropriate replacement.

Also, the expenses of windshield replacement may increase in order to apply the ADAS. So, you may need to rely on your insurance company to assist with the replacement expenses. Some of the insurance companies pay the full repair costs, others may take over both repair and replacement services. With TLC, you don’t need to arrange anything with your Audi insurance company, we have specialized staff who can take care of all of these procedures. Accordingly, you can have a piece of mind by contacting our service center, we offer customized replacement services, offer simple ways for cash payments, and we’re partners of the majority of insurance providers, so can carry over the whole process for you.

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Technician inspecting a new windshield installation on an Audi Q5.
Thorough inspection of Audi windshield replacement by TLC Auto Glass for guaranteed satisfaction.

With TLC Auto Glass, you can expect an outstanding service offered by certified and deeply trained technicians who have acquired the experience of working with Audi windshield services for hundreds of customers on a daily basis. They have a unique expertise dealing with all Audi models and are ready to serve you 24/7 wherever you are to get you back on the road within maximum 2 hours. 

FAQS About Audi Windshield Replacement :

How do I stop my windscreen crack from spreading?

The maximum you can do is to drive carefully, and try being away from high temperatures. Though the best is to schedule a audi windshield replacement appointment with a trustful company.

How could a new windscreen be fitted?

Upon releasing the new windscreen to your location, the mechanic will clean any glass debris of the cracked one, and fix the fresh windscreen in a totally straightforward procedure.

Is driving with a cracked windscreen illegal?

Yes, in some states, driving with a broken windscreen is considered illegal and a motor offense.

In TLC Auto Glass, 3130 Fry Rd, Katy, TX, we are experts in windscreen replacement of all Audi models including; Q5, A3, A6, Q3, A4, TT, Q7 & A1 and all others. All you need to do is to book an appointment for windshield fixation service and confirm your car insurance details. You don’t even need to burden yourself or consume your time at any paper work as this can all be handled by us.

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