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A powerful Mercedes-Benz G-Class navigating a rugged off-road landscape with a clear and undamaged windshield, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding terrain.
Unfold the map, crank up the tunes, and hit the open road. With a crystal-clear Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair, every adventure is breathtaking.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as G-Wagen, is an automobile produced by Magna Steyr in Austria since 1979, and sold by Mercedes-Benz. It has been initially manufactured as a military off-roader, but more luxurious models have been later added to the same line. It is identified by its boxy appearance, and considered as one of the rare cars to have such a configuration.

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In spite of introducing a replacement of the unique body shape of Mercedes-Benz, the G-class is continuously produced since the first production and has a validity of 44 years. Though, in 2018, a new generation characterized by revised chassis, powertrain body and a luxurious featured interior has been introduced, but the boxy exterior remained unmodified. Moreover in 2023, Mercedes-Benz declared the launching of a smaller version of G-class called “the little G”, but still the launching date has not been decided. 

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair Services

Windshield damage of your Mercedes-Benz G-Class is such a disturbing event that one may unexpectedly face. However, if you know there is an expert service that you can rely on for a prompt windshield fixation, life will be much easier. 

In TLC Auto Glass, we have a certified team of technicians who will ensure that you are getting the best mercedes-benz g-class windshield repair with long lasting durability. They will fix your windshield promptly and efficiently to continue your journey safely without any worries about facing other surprises. With our windshield services you will enjoy the following advantages;

  • Prompt booking service
  • Free inspection
  • Nationwide warranty
  • High-quality, brand-name glass
  • Instant quotations
  • Competitive pricing 
  • 24- hour support

TLC Auto Glass is your right place to get all types of windshield fixation services. We use top-quality of materials and apply the most recent technologies for windshield repair. We are specialized in Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair/replacement services. All you need is to call and make an online scheduling in order to have your vehicle taken care of with the best quality and the shortest time. Our company is known for its prompt, reliable and nationwide lifetime guaranteed service. We built up a unique reputation based on our expert team of technicians and reflected at the reviews of our customers

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Top Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windscreen Replacement

A skilled technician wearing gloves meticulously repairs a small chip on the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class using specialized tools and a magnifying glass.
Don’t let a chipped windshield compromise the luxury of your G-Class. Get expert Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair and restore a crystal-clear view.

In TLC Auto Glass, we offer varieties of windshield repair service options as per your convenience ranging from drop-off to we-come-to-you to make things much easier for you. The repair decision is taken after inspection as long as the damage has some of all of the following characteristics;

  • A small damage as 6 inches
  • Point of impact is smaller than a dime
  • Number of chips doesn’t exceed 4
  • The camera and sensors are not blocked by the level of damage

We have skillful team of technicians that has worked with millions of customers and all types of vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair

Selecting TLC Auto Glass for your Benz windshield repair or replacement will save you a piece of mind that you are backed up with a strong support to get you back on the road at the shortest time. Our certified technicians will follow a well-organized plan that has recorded high success rates and proved its reliability along so many years as follows;

  1. Assessment: This is made in order to evaluate the scale of damage resulting from a chip or crack and decide about the validity to be repaired.
  2. Preparation: It includes cleaning of the damaged area before repair. 
  3. Injection: Applied by injecting a specific type of resin into the chipped/cracked area. The resin renovates the glass by strongly binding to it, and preventing its further damage.
  4. Curing: Using UV light, the resin is mounted to achieve a crystal-clear repair.
  5. Final Inspection: A final evaluation for the repair process is made to make sure that it follows the TLC standards. 

So, whenever you face a chip or crack with your Mercedes-Benz, don’t hesitate to

contact our customer service who are committed to help you out with immediate service appointments. Our team will provide you with the most reliable solution to get you back on the road with a top condition of your windshield. 

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Instant Mercedes Benz G-Class Windshield Replacement

Although the Mercedes Benz G-Class has a quite strong, firm body, and provides a luxurious ride for any trip, it can always be exposed to windshield damage that requires replacement. In TLC Auto Glass, we are experts in all models of Mercedes-Benz glass fixation. Our service is characterized by the following features;

Immaculate Service:

We value the urgent need of our customers to be served at the fastest rate in order to get back to the road safely. So, we struggle to offer immediate service at the best quality that meets our customers’ standards. 

All you need is to call our mobile service for scheduling an appointment. We either receive you at the nearest shop, or come to wherever you are. 

National Service:

TLC service is available in Texas and all the surrounding areas. We work around the clock, and can serve you 24/7 at your home, workplace or anywhere on the road to ensure your safety. We also offer you online bookings, transparent pricing, and prompt quotes ahead of starting the service. 

First-class Glass: 

Our service is incomparable and ensures absolute customers’ satisfaction. No matter the degree of your windshield damage looks, we have final solutions for getting your windscreens back to normal with lifetime guaranteed replacement. This is because we use only the best quality of glass materials and apply the most advanced tools for windshield replacement. Our expert team of technicians are keen about your safety so you can have peace of mind that you are in good hands.


How much is a Mercedes G550 worth?

At certified dealers, prices are ranging from $144.895 to $199,950. 

Is G Wagon a German car?

Yes. It is considered as the principal sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by German automakers, and produced by Mercedes Benz since 1979.

How far can a G550 fly?

G550 has an extremely high speed with an ultra-long-range business jet that can fly continuously up to 14 hours

TLC Auto Glass, 3130 Fry Rd, Katy, TX

TLC Auto Glass brings the fix to you!
TLC Auto Glass brings the fix to you with the best Mercedes-Benz G-Class Windshield Repair!

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that TLC Auto Glass has supported millions of Mercedes-Benz-class G550 to fix their windshield issues. From minor repairs to a full replacement. Whether you need to fix your front windshield, rear windshield or even the side windows, we know how to fulfill your inquiry by offering the best service quality at the shortest possible time. So, don’t hesitate to contact our mobile auto glass service for scheduling an efficient and reliable service.

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