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100 window tint by tlc auto glass in houston
100 window tint by tlc auto glass in houston

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Improve the Look of your Car by using Window Tint 100 in City of Katy, Texas. Are you in want of creative control of the driving experience whilst at the same time value stylishness and protection for your car, keep on reading. In this blog we are going to discuss the benefits of 100 window tint, we resolve some of the questions you might have and give information which is necessary for car enthusiasts for an accepting decision.

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What is 100 Window Tint?

Unparalleled UV Protection

To be clear, when you put the 100 window tint on your car’s windows, it’s not that you are adding more darkness instead you are protecting yourself, your passengers, and the car/vehicle interior from harmful UV rays. The coating absorbs any ultraviolet (UV) radiation up to 99%, thus, protecting you from the UV rays and trim your interior with the colors that don’t fade easy, consequently cracking and discoloration.

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Enhanced Privacy and Security

With no more strangers checking you out or passing judgment, you can focus on what truly matters—yourself. A 100 window tint even provides this strong measure of security by making the inside of your car unrecognizable, consequently deterring potential thieves and protecting your possessions.

Optimal Heat Rejection

The sun literally sucks moisture out of the car seats seats whenever the car is parked under direct sunlight, and then, the AC goes and sweat human body for hours or more. In case of 100 window tint you will see a dramatic decrease in heat build up in your car, making you to spend more comfortable and enjoyable time inside the vehicle, even in times of scorching heat.

Frequently Asked Questions About 100 Window Tint

Is 100 Window Tint Legal in Katy, TX?

Here’s a general guideline for Texas window tint laws:

  1. Front Side Windows: Legal tinting is permitted, but it must allow at least 25% of light to pass through.
  2. Rear Side Windows and Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.
  3. Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top 5 inches of the windshield.

It’s important to note that these regulations may vary slightly by state and municipality, so it’s best to consult the latest guidelines or check with local authorities or a professional window tinting service provider in Katy, TX, for the most accurate information regarding the legality of 100 window tint. This ensures compliance with local laws and avoids potential legal issues or citations.

How Long Does 100 Window Tint Last?

The longevity of 100 window tint depends on several factors, including the quality of the tint film, the installation process, and how well it’s maintained. Generally, high-quality window tint films installed by professionals can last for many years.

Here are some factors that can affect the lifespan of 100 window tint:

  1. Quality of the Film: Higher quality tint films typically have better durability and resistance to fading, peeling, and discoloration over time.
  2. Professional Installation: Proper installation by experienced technicians ensures that the tint film adheres correctly to the windows, minimizing the risk of bubbling, creasing, or other issues that could shorten its lifespan.
  3. Maintenance: Regular care and maintenance can help prolong the life of window tint. This includes cleaning the tinted windows with mild, non-ammonia-based cleaners and avoiding abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the film.
  4. Exposure to Sunlight: Constant exposure to sunlight, particularly in hot and sunny climates, can accelerate the wear and deterioration of window tint. However, high-quality tint films are designed to resist UV rays and maintain their appearance and performance over time.

While there’s no exact timeframe for how long 100 window tint will last, many manufacturers offer warranties ranging from several years to a lifetime, depending on the product. Additionally, keeping the tinted windows in good condition and addressing any issues promptly can help maximize their lifespan and ensure long-lasting performance.

Will 100 Window Tint Interfere with My Vehicle’s Electronics?

No, 100 window tint is typically designed to be non-conductive and should not interfere with your vehicle’s electronics. Modern window tint films are engineered to allow radio, GPS, and cellular signals to pass through without disruption, ensuring that your vehicle’s electronic systems function properly.

100 window tint by tlc auto glass in houston
100 window tint by tlc auto glass in houston

However, it’s essential to choose a reputable brand of window tint and have it professionally installed by experienced technicians. Proper installation techniques help ensure that the tint film adheres correctly to the windows without causing any interference with electronic signals.

If you have concerns about potential interference with your vehicle’s electronics, you can discuss them with the professionals performing the tint installation. They can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate type of window tint and ensure that it’s installed properly to minimize any risk of interference.

In summary, when installed correctly, 100 window tint should not interfere with your vehicle’s electronics, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of tinted windows without compromising on functionality.

Transform Your Vehicle Today with TLC Auto Glass

Ready to experience the benefits of 100 window tint for yourself? Look no further than TLC Auto Glass for professional auto window tinting services in Katy, TX. Our expert technicians specialize in enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetics, comfort, and safety with premium window tinting solutions.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover why TLC Auto Glass is your trusted partner for all your automotive enhancement needs.


Upgrade your vehicle with 100 window tint in Katy, TX, and enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and stylish driving experience. With its unparalleled UV protection, enhanced privacy, and optimal heat rejection, 100 window tint is the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle and improving your driving experience. Don’t wait any longer—reach out to TLC Auto Glass and take the first step towards transforming your ride today.

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