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Texas Windshield Tint
Texas Windshield Tint

Officials of the United States, reported that window tint laws help to protect the safety of the public by making sure of the clarity of vision for drivers. Such laws also enable cops to detect any dangerous or illegal activities inside the vehicle.

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Legal Window Tint In Texas

In Texas , tint laws for Sedans, SUVs & vans have been updated for each part of the vehicles as follows :

  • Windshield: 25% VLT tint or more isa allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line (top 5 inches).
  • Front Side Windows: 25% VLT or more light transmission is allowed
  • Back Side windows: any VLT% is allowed
  • Rear Windows: any VLT is allowed for vehicles with outside mirrors 
  • Tint Reflection: No more than 25% reflective
  • Other restrictions: Red, amber and blue are allowed. 
Texas Windshield Tint Laws
Texas Windshield Tint Laws

It’s also worth mentioning that windows with tint have to have about 25% transmission value. However, this is not obligatory for people who are medically exempted. These are such as drivers who have medical issues with their eyes that enable them to ignore this law.   

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Texas Windshield Tint Laws for Passenger Vehicles

In addition to the above-described laws about windshield tinting in Texas, the below tools have been additionally set up’

  1. Window tint darkness in Texas: The allowed percentage of visible light through your film and glass is very specific and different for sedan cars and SUV cars or vans in Texas.
  2. Other Texas window tint rules and regulations: Texas has some other crucial laws and regulations with respect to window tinting including the following; 
  • Side Mirrors: If the back window is tinted, then mirrors with double sides are needed.
  • Restricted colors: Red, blue and amber are unpermitted tint colors for windshields by Texas laws.
  • Certificates: The used tint film has to be certified by their manufacturers.
  • Stickers: In order to identify the legal tinting, a sticker has to be used between the film and glass on the driver’s side windows.
  • Medical Exceptions: Specific tints are permitted medical exemptions by Texas laws.  
Texas Windshield Tint Laws for Passenger Vehicles
Texas Windshield Tint Laws for Passenger Vehicles

It has to be considered that texas windshield tint rules and regulations might be presumed in a different way in your city of residence. Thus, double checking the laws with your local DMV or law enforcement authorities is always advised.

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Front Windshield Tint Strip

Texas Windshield Tint Strip
Texas Windshield Tint Strip

Front window tint is known to inhibit up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays which may destroy or fade your vehicle’s interior. It relieves you and your passengers from the sun’s heat and allows you to drive safely and legally.

In Texas, it is allowed to tint your front windshield but with few limitations. VLT tinting of 25% is allowed for the top five inches of the front windshield for any type of vehicle whether a car, truck or SUV. As for the rear windshield, the entire area can have 25% of VLT. This tinting strategy permits drivers to avoid sun glare, while being able to see the road appropriately.

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Cost of A Window Tint Ticket

Drivers may tint their windows either for blocking heat or seeking privacy. However, it is crucial not to get in legal troubles by using a wrong tint shade. In every state there are several laws that limit the use of windshield tints with few exemptions for people with special medical needs.

Texas Windshield Tint
Texas Windshield Tint

Most states restrict specific standards of window tint as a misconduct or a sort of violation. If your windshield is tinted and you don’t erase the tint, you will be ticketed with a progressive increase. In addition, you must pay for tint removal verification fee, court processing, and any other late fees. Besides that, if you refuse to remove the tint, you may face some penalties as; 25 & for first warning to fix window tint, 100$ first time illegal tint ticket, and over 200$ for the second illegal tint ticket. 

It is also worth mentioning that a window tint ticket can affect car insurance rate, similar to any violation in your record. Also, if your window tint is breaking the allowed rules, your insurance company may not cover the damages resulting from illegally tinted windows. In case your windows were tinted within the legal rules of your state, they could be protected by extensive and crashcoverages. It is important to let your insurer inform you with any updates regarding your windshield tint amendments, and find out if your policy covers damages to it. 

In all ways, we advise our customers to follow the rules in order to avoid being pulled over by Texas law of enforcement. 

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Locations To Find High-Quality Window Tint

At TLC auto glass, we are keen to provide high quality tinting services. Our expert technicians apply the most advanced techniques with the best materials quality to achieve perfect results above our clients’ expectations to reach their absolute satisfaction.  

Texas Windshield Tint
Texas Windshield Tint , TLC Auto Glass, 3130 Fry Rd, Katy, TX

Our company has a wide spectrum of the best rate of window tint film products. These vary among premium nano ceramic film or mono carbon films that are produced specifically for the front windshield. Whenever you wish to tint the front window of your car, truck or SUV, just call us at (713) 686-1111. We are available 24/7 to help you out with all your inquiries. 

What are the legal consequences of non-complying to windshield laws?

This can result in legal consequences set up by the law of enforcement. Examples are issuing citations that enforce vehicle owners to remove or adjust illegal tints. This is in addition to impacting insurance coverage

How much is a ticket for window tint?

The answer to this question varies according to the country you are being ticketed. It is highly dependent on some factors such as; the darkness level of your windshield tint, the frequency you have been charged for window tints, and the whether you have removed the tint or not.

In summary, the permitted laws in Texas state that the darkness level of tint is determined by the amount of light that can get through the tint film. This is named as the visible light transmission (VLT). There are also rules regarding the windshield color. As such red, blue, and amber colors are not allowed. These rules apply to all types of cars including mini cars, sedans or vans. 

It is always advisable to abide by the tinting regulations in order to avoid getting tint tickets which might cost you a lot.

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