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A technician carefully injecting resin into a small chip on the windshield of a blue Ford Escape parked in a dealership service bay.
Expert Repair for Minor Chips: Save money and maintain a clear view with our quick Ford Escape windshield chip repair service.

TLC Auto Glass is your trustful source for Ford Escape auto glass repair and replacement at an accessible cost. You just need to call us at (713) 686-1111 to have an immediate quote for a repair or replacement of your Ford windshield. Our quotes involve the whole installation process as well, so you can have all your inquiries done without any additional charges. We offer everything you may need to arrange for your automotive glass repair and replacement served at the location that suits you.

Schedule a Free Quote: Get a free, no-obligation quote for your Ford Escape windshield or sunroof repair/replacement today!

Ford Escape Windshield Repair & Replacement 

If you have a small chip or crack in your windshield, get an immediate auto glass fixation before the break spreads. Windshield repair is feasible if the crack is less than 6 inches long, or if you have no more than 3 chips, that don’t interfere with the cameras or sensors. Otherwise, our auto glass replacement services are also available to offer you the best solution for the status of your windshield. 

A cracked windshield may expose you to legal issues while driving. A prompt repair might be sufficient to get you back to the road safely. If replacement is required as a final solution, our expert technicians will recommend the best for the status of your windshield. With TLC auto glass, you rest assured that you’ll get the best service, the most cost-effective offers for your vehicle’s glass repair. We also have both drop-off and on-site services to provide you with the most convenient assistance.

A close-up image of a cracked Ford Escape windshield with a ruler highlighting the damage, which is smaller than a quarter.
Don’t Replace, Repair Cracks Under a Quarter: Our expert technicians can restore your Ford Escape’s windshield to like-new condition.

Our windshield fixation is a multi-step process that ensures a safe and appropriate fit with extended durability. We provide real-time online auto glass quotes, online appointment scheduling, and online payment options. Additionally, our service is available wherever you are in Texas and the surroundings. Whether you’re at your residence place, at work, or anywhere, we will fulfill all your inquiries of auto glass repair or replacement. 

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Ford Escape Windshield Replacement Cost 

Keep yourself updated with Ford Escape windshield pricing list immediately by visiting our website at auto glass quote page.  TLC auto glass is one of the largest automotive glass repair networks in the United States and gives full installation of all types and brands of Ford Escape windshields. It’s also worth to check the following policies that we set up with flexible rules in support to our customers;

  • Refund Policy: If services have not been fulfilled, while it is 24 hours or more in advance of a scheduled service appointment, TLC auto glass gives a complete refund. Refunds are processed in 2-5 working days back to the source of payment.
  • Exchange Policy: You may schedule an appointment changes or even auto glass part changes to fulfill your inquiry. This is feasible up to 24 hours before your originally scheduled appointment date.
  • Cancellations Policy: TLC auto glass offers cancellation of pre-paid, scheduled appointments up to 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled service. Cancellations processed within this rule allows full refunding of the original amount charged within 2-5 business days. 

2017 Ford Escape windshield replacement 

A split image. One side shows a clear Ford Escape windshield with a scenic mountain view in the background. The other side shows a blurry and cracked Ford Escape windshield.
See the Difference: Crystal Clear Windshield for Safe Driving on Texas Roads.

Whether the road or the climate is tough, the Ford Escape is a heavy-duty master that allows you to live life on the go, do what you wish to do, and escape. Though, one thing the Escape can’t escape, that is the auto glass damage. If you’ve a sudden rock chip, severe weather breaks, or any other unexpected circumstances, don’t wait till a minor crack damages your whole windshield.

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When you face windshield damage on your 2017 Ford Escape, TLC auto glass experienced technicians will get you back on the road promptly. Don’t let windshield chips or cracks block you from driving or threaten your drive.

If you require a Ford Escape windshield fixed, TLC auto glass will help you. Our auto glass repair network offers a wide selection of automotive glass to provide you with first class service that you can trust. We have a variety of Ford Escape windshields and accessories are available at competitive prices. and can come with our onsite / mobile auto glass service at a location of your choice.

Being pioneers in the auto glass industry, TLC Auto Glass provides the best quality windshield material for our clients. Call our windshield auto glass replacement services at 713-6861111 now

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2017 Ford Escape Auto Glass Repair You Can Rely On 

TLC auto glass provides reliable repair services worth trusting. Scheduling your windshield service for our customers is quick, simple, and guaranteed via our online platform. We offer all what you require to quote, schedule, or pay for your windshield requirements. Our auto glass service is different because we have the following advantages; 

  •  Competitive Auto Glass Prices:  We give competitive prices on almost all auto glass and windshields our company installs.  We combine the merits of the best customer service, free mobile or onsite installations, and with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Quality Auto Glass & Installation Materials:  We are determined to offer the best installation service and materials quality . Therefore, we have a lifetime guarantee on all installations and repair processes. In case any of our customers experienced an issue with materials or workmanship performed by TLC auto glass, we never compromise to satisfy our customers.  
  • Servicing All Vehicle Makes & Models:  TLC auto glass offers unique service for all types of windshields for all vehicle models.  Our auto glass supply network gives us the confidence to offer customers the precise glass model and type they require without waiting time as often happens by other service providers.  

How can my windshield fixation for Ford Escape be paid? 

Windshield fixation service can be either paid on your own. However, if your insurance plan, your windshield repair might be completely covered. 

Is windshield glass covered under warranty?

Yes. Usually, a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty covers all damages including windshield fixation needs. However, this warranty has a limited life time and has to be revised with the manufacturer. 

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TLC Auto Glass, 3130 Fry Rd, Katy, TX

Ford Escape auto glass repair
Ford Escape Auto Glass Repair at TLC Auto Glass Shop in Texas

TLC represents your full service of windshield auto glass repair and replacement. Contact our customer service team to speak to one of our representatives, or schedule your auto glass service appointment. Gain the privilege of our mobile glass repair services to schedule for your auto glass / windshield repair or replacement at the location that suits you. TLC offers mobile windshield repair services across the whole Texas area.

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