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Windscreen Repair
Mobile Windscreen Repair

At TLC auto glass, we accomplish windscreen repair and restoration services in texas at the highest standards and at the shortest time, to get your vehicle functioning back appropriately. You can simply book an appointment at , and you will immediately respond to serve all your inquiries.

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Small Windscreen Chips & Cracks Can Be Repaired 

All our resources are dedicated to fix damaged glass of your vehicle of any model or age depending on the size of the crack/chip. Your windshield is inspected at TLC for free, then our expert technicians will recommend the best solution for your broken vehicle glass. If the size of the damage is severe, you will be recommended a windshield replacement. However, it’s just a small chip, it can be repaired with our most updated tools used for windscreen repair. Don’t hesitate to call us around the clock for any inquiries regarding your vehicle glass .

Chip Repair & Windscreen Restoration in Texas

Vehicle windscreen represents up to 30% of its structural power. Also, the passenger airbag relies on it to provide air bag position. Thus, repairing a windshield chip is important for preserving its strength once a spot is observed. 

It’s worth mentioning that a windshield chip might form a crack any time. If it happens while driving, it will risk your safety. At TLC, we offer a repair service for chipped windscreens before replacing them. Due to several key reasons;

  1. Save time: As it takes maximum 30 min. to repair a chip
  2. Better for the environment: The TLC “Repair First” Philosophy limits the wastes of the landfill materials
  3. Avoids failing in MOT: A windscreen chip of 10 mm within the vision line of drivers is sufficient to fail in Ministry of Transport (MOT) inspection for your vehicle.
  4. Hassle free repair: If you declare having vehicle insurance, TLC takes care of all the logistics regarding repair payments with your insurance company.

Crack Repair 

An efficient way to prevent developing scratches on your car windscreen is by exchanging the wiper blades consistently. or use premium wiper blades.

Referring to the size of the crack you have in your windshield, it is recommended to replace it. TLC staff can always be contacted 24/7 for advice in this regard. Contact us for expert advice before you take a decision about your cracked windshield.

Windscreen Repair : DIY Vs Professional 

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Windscreen Repair
Professional Windscreen Repair At TLC Auto Glass

There are some tentative solutions that you may adopt in order to fix your windshield cracks and chips until you get a professional permanent repair. Though, temporary fixation can never replace professional windshield repair or replacement, as long-term solutions for either repairing or replacing your windshield must be achieved.  Below are some temporary fixation steps you may follow:

  1. Apply a clear nail polish to the crack of a clean and dry windshield. This approach will temporarily avoid crack spreading.
  2. Fill the crack with a sufficient amount of a clear super glue or epoxy. This strategy is not applicable for large complex cracks
  3. Place clear packing tape or a windshield repair sticker on the crack. This method will prevent debris from entering the crack and somehow hold the windshield temporarily.
  4. Follow the windshield repair kit instructions to fill the crack with the provided resin. Harden the resin -as per kit instructions.
  5. Avoid extreme temperatures by parking your car in shaded areas away from direct sunlight, and don’t expose it to ice water.
  6. Seek a professional assessment as cracked windshields can risk glass integrity.

Meanwhile, there are some important issues that you need to take into consideration for a windscreen repair;

  • For your safety, assure the crack doesn’t hamper vision while driving. 
  • Chips are better fixed temporarily than long cracks. Complex cracks need instant professional repair.
  • Cracks must be preserved clean from any dirt or debris in order to facilitate the fixation/repair process. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Repairs 

Professional Windscreen Repair At TLC Auto Glass
Professional Windscreen Repair At TLC Auto Glass

Application of DIY repairs has raised up some advantages and disadvantages that are described below :

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Advantages of DIY Repairs

  1. Cost Savings: It is considered as one of the highest advantages of DIY. This is because you will save the labor payment that is needed for engaging a professional. Besides that, you are free to select the DIY materials and tools to comply with your own budget. 
  2. Sense of Pride and Accomplishment: Achieving a DIY repair for your car, gives you the feeling of ownership and being proud that you can successfully solve your car problems without external help.
  3. Skill Development: DIY repairs give you the chance to learn new skills which will support you in the long run for several needed maintenance issues for your car. This will provide you with the confidence to take care of future small repairs yourself. 

Disadvantages of DIY Repairs

  1. Lack of Expertise: Some windshield repairs need special knowledge and experience. If you lack the required expertise, you may make mistakes that cause extra damages. 
  2. Time and Effort: DIY repairs are indeed time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the enough skills for doing them. Moreover, some repairs need physical effort. Additionally, some repairs may require significant physical effort and can be difficult to achieve.
  3. Risk of Poor Quality and Safety Hazards: DIY repairs may risk bad quality outcomes if not done correctly. Professionals are well trained to manipulate all types of windshield defects with deep experience and safety. 

FAQ : Windscreen Repair

Can a broken car windscreen be fixed temporarily or repentantly? 

Different ways can be used to temporarily fix a broken car window. The most convenient are a plastic bag, a plastic sheet, or a clear packing tape. A temporary car window cover that is transparent and weather-proof is fine to use, and plastic is perfect for this.

Can I repair a cracked windscreen myself? 

Chips more than a quarter and cracks with a length more than 3 inches are difficult to be repaired with a DIY kit. Though, they should be manipulated by a professional glass service like TLC auto glass. Smaller cracks and chips are manageable with a DIY job.

Is it OK to drive with a cracked windscreen? 

Driving with a broken windshield has proved to be a motoring office and quite dangerous and against highway driving codes. 

Also, driving out on hot and sunny days is totally not preferred if the windshield is cracked or chipped. Another important issue is also not to drive while having a windshield crack. This is beside slamming the door can maximize the breaks in the already damaged glass. 

How do you fix a small crack on the car windshield?

Groove a small hole at the end of the crack and glue it. This will stop the crack from growing and while the glued hole will be unnoticed, however the crack will be always there. It’s worth to advise that, if you plan to fix it yourself, do that before the crack is much extended.

Finally, it is worth reminding that, in order to decide if you needs Windscreen Repair whether a DIY or a professional manipulation, you need to consider the level of your skills and the required sophistications of the needed repair. You may also ask for professional advice in case you are not confident about fulfilling the DIY. Eventually, balancing between DIY and professional assistance is a key factor in maintaining safe and high-quality windshield repairs.

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